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As a family owned company we focus on long-term relationships based on trust, transparency & honesty. The result: satisfied customers that grow into great ambassadors.

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  • Extensive product range
  • High quality EU production
  • 45.000.000 parts on stock
  • Independent advise from experts
  • Custom packaging & assembly solutions
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Our Sealing Solutions


The O-ring is the most used sealing product in the world and is an efficient sealing element for both static and dynamic applications.

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Rubber Seals

Though O-rings are ideal for a wide variety of applications, they are not the best solution to every design problem. We offer a wide range of alternative sealing solutions including custom made seals.

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Blue PTFE spring energized seals

PTFE Seals

PTFE, or Poly Tetra Fluor Ethylene, was discovered in 1938 by Du Pont and has extraordinary material properties. A complete range of PTFE parts is offered by us, from Back-Up Rings to spring energized seals and custom made parts.

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Metallic Seals

Metallic seals are designed to make a seal by means of a ‘first line contact’ or ‘wedge action’ between the counter face (e.g. a flange) and the packing. In order to guarantee a proper, reliable seal, it is crucial to make the right choice of profiles and material.

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Gaskets in endless shapes and dimensions. We have the right gasket for the right application available from fiber and graphite gaskets to high temperature gaskets up to +1000 C.

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Solving Your Sealing Project

Molded Rubber Parts

A standard sealing solution is not always available. Are you looking for something more specific, or do you have a problem with an existing seal? No problem: NewDealSeals will look for a tailor-made solution. Our goal has been the same since day one. To make sure YOU the customer are completely satisfied.

Our product engineers are available to assist you in any way. Would you like to know what we can do for you?

More about Rubber Molded Parts

Example 1: Silicone Potting Stop

Example 2: FDA grade material Cooking Clip

Example 3: Viton Washer

Client Cases


Perfect Sealing Surface

One of our customers had a sealing issue with an existing product. Reason for failure were very small marks on the sealing surface.

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Oil Reduction Rod Seal Improvement

One of our customers had a sealing issue with an existing rod seal. Reason for failure was unknown but oil leakage was considered to be too high.

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O-Rings Class A+

Normally an O-Ring will create a block and seals. For this specific application a controlled leakage was mandatory and standard O-Rings failed due to the existing tolerances.

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Blue rubber o-rings


One piece Oil Seal Design

During this operation you need at least two people to install the seal. Also leakage can occur and parts can damage each other during installation. For these reasons our client requested us to find a solution.

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Materials of NewDealSeals

Material selection is a crucial part of the seal design. As technology evolves, applications become more and more demanding. NewDealSeals offers a wide range of sealing materials, ranging from basic elastomers to high-end custom formulated compounds/materials.Rubber is known for its memory. Rubber has the tendency to move back to its original shape after being deformed, making it an excellent sealing material for static and light dynamic applications.

  1. Wide range of compounds
  2. Developed custom compounds
  3. Up to date with developments

Rubber Materials

Rubber is known for its memory. Rubber has the tendency to move back to its original shape after being deformed, making it an excellent sealing material for static and light dynamic applications.

Our Rubber materials

PTFE Materials

PTFE materials have an excellent chemical compatibility. Its chemical compatibility and wear resistance makes it an excellent material for dynamic and high demanding static applications.

Our PTFE materials

Metallic Materials

Metallic materials are used in static sealing solutions. The great advantage of metallic materials is it's high temperature range.

Our Metallic materials

Gasket Materials

Gasket materials vary from basic elastomer bonded fiber gaskets, to high temperature mica-based gaskets with metallic reinforcements. Gasket materials are very suitable for static applications like flange gaskets.

Our Gasket materials

Flexible for You

Our Packaging Solutions

NewDealSeals makes life easier for its customers by offering customer-specific packaging solutions. With customers such as MAN Diesel & Turbo, HITACHI and Wärtsilä, we continuously work on new packaging solutions, so that they immediately receive a ready-made product or ready-made set.

Our range includes: individual product packaging, the assembly of kits and the creation of complete sealing sets on our (vacuum) packaging machines.

  1. Individual Product Sealing
  2. Skin Packaging
  3. Sealing Kits & Seals
  4. Custom Made Packaging
More About Packaging Solutions

Example 1: Custom Skin set Packaging

Example 2: Hitachi O-Ring kit

Example 3: Custom Skin Packaging

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