Who we are

NewDealSeals, founded in 1994, is a globally operating family owned company. We develop, design, assemble and supply precision O-rings and other seals in a wide variety of materials, shapes and dimensions.

Our focus on YOU the Customer

Our focus does not stop at a delivery and quality performance of 100%. We are proactive and continuously looking at further improvements to become even more flexible for YOU.

As our customers engage NewDealSeals at an early stage in product development, they are able to profit from our knowledge, experience and flexibility.
They value our open and transparent way of conducting business, thus making them excellent ambassadors for NewDealSeals.

  • Extensive product range

  • High quality EU production

  • >45.000.000 parts on stock

  • Independent advise from experts

  • Custom packaging & assembly solutions

Our Production Facilities

Since its establishment in 1994, NewDealSeals collaborates with a few carefully selected production partners. Such long-term and extremely intensive collaboration ensures continuity, constant high quality and transparency. We regularly provide training and our customers and potential customers are always very welcome to visit our facilities and/or to conduct an audit.

Elastomer Production Facilities

  • 55+ hydraulic presses (injection and compression moulding)
  • 12.000+ production moulds (O-rings and rubber moulding)
  • 450+ rubber mixtures available
  • 20+ machines for automatic visual inspection. Semi and permanent coatings available, such as silicone, talc and graphite powder, chlorine, PTFE and more
  • Fully-equipped polymer & testing laboratory. ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001

Plastics Production Facilities

  • 35+ Production machines (3-10 axis, turning, milling, deburring, polishing)
  • 5+ Inspection machines (3D DEA SWIFT, DEA MISTRAL, OGP Smart/Scope Flare 200 & 300, RANK TAYLOR HOBSON SURTRONIC 3+)
  • ISO 9001:2015

*Automatic Visual Inspection

Inspecting finished components is a crucial part of any production process, guaranteeing the required quality level in each element. Each manufactured batch is 100% inspected. The automated selection department with various machines for visual inspection are able to inspect the (surface) quality and dimensions of O-rings and drawn parts.

**Polymer Laboratory

NewDealSeals researches, develops and formulates new elastomers in the polymer laboratory. We work closely with the most important polymer producers, suppliers of mixtures and certifying institutes. For instance, we have developed peroxide-cured fluoroelastomers for steam applications, our own FFKM range Fluorezi® and special petrol-resistant elastomers.



Environments involving high pressure, high temperature or minimum idle time demand a perfect sealing solution. With customers such as Shell, we continuously work on new sealing solutions. NewDealSeals offers numerous options for sealing products for chemical installations. Our range includes among other things O-rings in FKM (Viton®), FFKM (Fluorezi®, Kalrez®, Isolast®, Ultra®, Simriz®), drawn parts (moulding) and PTFE (Teflon®) seals.

Building & Construction

NewDealSeals is actively involved in the building and construction machinery industry. With customers such as CATERPILLAR & HITACHI, we also continuously work on new sealing solutions.

Our range includes standard O-rings in all imaginable materials, custom moulded parts, rotary shaft seals, V-rings and completely packaged sets with spare parts. NewDealSeals understands the importance of (spare) parts for your business. Therefore, we also offer customised packaging solutions.


Did you know that worldwide, more than 60% of all engines in cargo vessels are fitted with NewDealSeals seals? Our range of O-rings, D-rings, V-rings, gaskets, PTFE (Teflon®) parts and sealing sets for industrial 2 and 4 stroke engines is globally unique. With customers such as CATERPILLAR, Doosan, HITACHI, Hyundai, Kawasaki, MAN Diesel & Turbo, MITSUI, STX and Wärtsilä we continuously work on new sealing solutions.

Such solutions have for instance lead to the successful introduction of steam-resistant peroxide-cured Viton® for cylinder linings, but also material tracers in our O-rings and permanent markings on O-rings.

Foodstuffs & Dairy Products

NewDealSeals also develops and supplies sealing products that comply with the FDA hygiene standards. Our range includes O-rings in FDA approved materials, FKM (Viton®), FFKM (Fluorezi®, Kalrez®, Isolast®, Ultra®, Simriz®), drawn parts (moulding) and PTFE (Teflon®) seals.

Health Care

NewDealSeals is actively involved in the development of sealing products for medical components. With customers such as Belimed and Philips, we continuously work on new sealing solutions. Our range includes O-rings in FDA approved materials, FKM (Viton®), FFKM (Fluorezi®, Kalrez®, Isolast®, Ultra®, Simriz®), custom moulded parts and PTFE (Teflon®) seals.


Semiconductor production is a particularly aggressive process. Here, seals are often exposed to extreme conditions, such as strongly corrosive liquids, gases and plasmas at high temperatures or in a vacuum. In this sector, NewDealSeals develops sealing solutions that match your specific requirements.

What can NewDealSeals produce for you? Our range includes among other things high purity O-rings, FKM GF (Viton®), FFKM (Fluorezi®, Kalrez®, Isolast®, Ultra®, Simriz®), and PTFE (Teflon®) seals.



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