Eyelet Gaskets

An Eyelet gasket is a flat gaket with a steel or metal eyelet reinforcement. The eyelet offers protection to the gasket against blowout. The eyelet increases the strength and improves the erosion/chemical resistance of the gasket.

A flat gasket prevents a gas or a liquid from flowing between two surfaces, due to irregularities between the surfaces. Selecting the right material is crucial for the proper operation of the flat gasket. That is why NewDealSeals collaborates closely with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). This collaboration results in proper manufacturability, quality, cost efficiency and a fast delivery time for our flat gaskets. NewDealSeals designs and supplies gaskets in accordance with a drawing, sample or detailed customer specifications.

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Advantages Eyelet Gasket

  1. Better sealing due to higher stress at eyelet location

  2. Prevents blow out
  3. Improved strength

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