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The O-ring is the most used sealing product in the world and is an efficient sealing element for both static and dynamic applications.

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PTFE Seals

PTFE, or Poly Tetra Fluor Ethylene, was discovered in 1938 by Du Pont and has extraordinary material properties. A complete range of PTFE parts is offered by us, from Back-Up Rings to spring energized seals and custom made parts.

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Rubber moulded parts

Though O-rings are ideal for a wide variety of applications, they are not the best solution to every design problem. We offer a wide range of alternative sealing solutions including custom made seals.

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Oil-Seals and V-Rings

Oil-Seals and V-Rings are the most common shaft seals used for a wide range of applications. NewDealSeals both custom seals and standard types like DIN3760/3761.

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Custom machined parts

Custom machined plastic parts

Custom machined parts made by CNC machining and injection molding including: PTFE,PEEK,POM,PA and many others.

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Metallic Seals

Metallic seals are designed to make a seal by means of a ‘first line contact’ or ‘wedge action’ between the counter face (e.g. a flange) and the packing. In order to guarantee a proper, reliable seal, it is crucial to make the right choice of profiles and material.

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Extrusion profile

Profiles & Extrusions

Standard profiles and custom extruded profiles. Profiles can be made on a roll, cut to size or vulcanised together. 

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Gaskets in endless shapes and dimensions. We have the right gasket for the right application available from fiber and graphite gaskets to high temperature gaskets up to +1000 C.

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Special Seals

In most occasions standard seals are sufficient to meet the demands of an application. In some occasions special sealing solutions are required. NewDealSeals offers a wide range of special seals.

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