Although the O-ring is a simple sealing concept, there are many factors to take into account when selecting the right O-ring. Our technical O-ring manual explains the factors involved when selecting the right O-ring.

Since its initial release in 1994, the O-ring handbook has become a fixture on the reference shelves of engineers worldwide. This new book (2022) contains extensive information about the properties of basic elastomers (rubber), as well as examples of typical O-ring applications, fundamentals of static and dynamic seal design and O-ring failure modes. It also provides an overview of international sizes and standards – with a comprehensive chemical compatibility table for gases, fluids and solids. Many engineers choose O-rings designed by NewDealSeals to keep their equipment running safely and reliably. That is because NewDealSeals is a developer, designer and supplier of high quality sealing solutions and offers a unique combination of experience, innovation and support.

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