Perfect Sealing Surface

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Rubber moulded part
Solenoid Valve
Perfect sealing surface


Can you make a rubber moulded part with a perfect zero defect sealing surface?

One of our customers had a sealing issue with an existing product. Reason for failure were very small marks on the sealing surface. Because it was needed to reduce sealing pressure to an absolute minimum NewDealSeals was contacted for support.


How did we create the perfect sealing surface?

Together with the customers engineering team we gathered all available and needed information in order to understand the goal. In order to improve existing surface it was necessary to change the production method. Most rubber or elastomeric moulded parts are being deflashed and tumbled after moulding. This process will remove flashes and polishes the surface of the produced part. However this process also leads to very small scratches and other damages on the sealing surface.

In order to create the perfect sealing surface we were forced to eliminate the deflashing and tumbling process. Therefore we created a special deflashing punching device and a new special compression moulding tool with a polished surface.


The Result

  • A perfect sealing surface and no leakages.
  • Reduction of the scrap rate by 95%
  • Reduction of costs due to simplified and improved production process.
  • Successful introduction of a new production method which can be used in future for other applications.
  • A satisfied customer!

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