Our wide range of rubber sealing parts can usually provide a reliable sealing solution. In some cases it is however needed to design a custom made sealing solution. Molded Rubber Parts provide the perfect solution for these advanced sealing problems.

Our product engineers work together with our customers’ engineering teams to develop and test these new sealing solutions.

Due to our experience with rubber (elastomers), PTFE and other innovative plastics and metal, including metal bonded to rubber parts we can further optimize the design and assembly.

Our goal has been the same since day one. To make sure YOU the customer are completely satisfied. Our product engineers are available to assist you in any way. Would you like to know what we can do for you?


Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets are used to protect wires, cables or cords from rough edges or cutouts.

Rubber Bushings

Rubber bushings are used to absorb shocks and to reduce noise/vibrations between parts.

Rubber Bumpers & Stops

Rubbers Bumpers and stops are used to protect parts from scratches, impact and abrasion.

Rubber Caps & Plugs

Rubber caps and plugs are used to protect parts from dust, dirt and other possible contaminations.

Rubber Bellows

Rubber bellows are used to protect both static and moving parts from dust, dirt and oil. The bellow shape makes these seals highly flexible.

Rubber to Metal bonded parts

Bonding rubber to metal is a reliable way to permanently mount rubber to metal. Rubber to metal bonded parts are commonly used as shock absorbers or vibration dampers.


NewDealSeals supplies Rubber products in more than 500 different rubber compounds. NewDealSeals has a polymer laboratory specialized in the development of custom compounds, reverse compound engineering and failure analysis.


  1. NBR (Buna N, Perbunan®)
  2. EPDM/EPM (Buna EP®, Keltan®, Nordel®, Vistalon®)
  3. FKM/FPM (Viton®, Dyneon®, Tecnoflon®, DAI-EL®)
  4. FVMQ (FE®, Silastic LS®)
  5. FFKM (Fluorezi®, Kalrez®, Isolast®, Ultra®, Simriz®)
  6. VMQ (Siliastic®, Silplus®)


  1. Mechanical properties
  2. Chemical resistance
  3. Temperature resistance
  4. Colour


Good cooperation is an absolute requirement for the successful development of rubber molded parts. NewDealSeals is very aware with our active involvement, transparency, honest- and knowledgeable advice. Our proactive attitude leads to a better result, that benefits you as a customer and us as a supplier.


  1. Product design, development & engineering
  2. Co-engineering & reverse engineering
  3. 3D modeling & engineering analyses


  1. Injection molding
  2. Compression molding
  3. Material combinations (rubber, PTFE and metal)


With more than 25 years experiance in the sealing industry our engineering deparment is ready for your sealing challange. Below you can find a small range of our engineering expertises/services.

► Knowlegde of all sealing types
► FEM analysis capabilitys
► 3D design department
► Material laboratory
► Prototype machining equipment
► 3D ”rubber” printing options
► Custom made reverse engineering equipment 





One of our customers had a sealing issue with an existing product. Reason for failure were very small marks on the sealing surface.

2. O-Rings Class A+

Normally an O-Ring will create a block and seals. For this specific application a controlled leakage was mandatory and standard O-Rings failed due to the existing tolerances.

3. Oil Reduction Rod Seal Improvement

One of our customers had a sealing issue with an existing rod seal. Reason for failure was unknown but oil leakage was considered to be too high.

4. One piece Oil Seal Design

During this operation you need at least two people to install the seal. Also leakage can occur and parts can damage each other during installation. For these reasons our client requested us to find a solution.



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