NewDealSeals has noticed an increasing amount of counterfeit products circulating the market. These products are often made from low-quality materials and are not checked with extensive quality control processes. Using these counterfeit products significantly increases the chance of failure during operation.

Since 2023, NewDealSeals has started implementing hologram stickers that are very difficult to copy. The hologram sticker features several details that are visible to the naked eye, but also some details that are invisible.

To give the customer a better view of the new hologram sticker, an overview can be seen below:


The hologram sticker includes:

1. The NewDealSeals logo

2. A fingerprint

3. A micro print

4. A nano print


1. 3D LOGO
The NewDealSeals logo in the center with 3D beveled edge effect.

A fingerprint with specific patterns which are only known by a few NewDealSeals employees.

A microprint text that which is barely visible with the naked eye.

A nanoprint text that is invisible to the naked eye and can only be observed with a microscope.



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