Rubber Seals

Standard O-rings are ideal for a wide variety of applications. Unfortunately they cannot solve every design problem. For this reason NewDealSeals developed several custom rubber seals which do not have the standard O-ring cross-section. The main advantage to make use of other cross-sections is the possibility to use this in existing grooves without the need to redesign.

On this page the most common custom rubber seals are briefly described.

Molded Rubber Parts

Molded Rubber Parts provide perfect custom solutions for the most advanced and specific sealing problems.

Molded Rubber Parts ►

Oil Seals

Oil seals, radial shaft seals or Simmerrings® have been designed for sealing shafts and spindles.

Oil Seals ►


V-rings are axial seals for shafts and bearings. V-rings seal axially against a counter face.

V-rings ►


X-rings, or Quad rings®, are an alternative for O-rings. X-rings have four lips and therefore they have at least four sealing surfaces.

X-rings ►


D-rings are an alternative for O-rings. A D-ring has the same sealing characteristics as an O-ring, but the D-ring’s flat base ensures better stability in the groove.

D-rings ►

Hollow O-Rings

Hollow O-rings are an alternative to standard O-rings, when low closing force is required.

Hollow O-rings ►

FEP Encapsulated O-Rings

Encapsulated O-rings consist of a elastomeric core with an fluor-plastic-encapsulation.

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Square Rings

Square O-Rings, or Kantseals®, are an alternative for O-rings in axial static applications. Square rings have high sealing capacity and shape stability.

Relevant Rubber Materials

NewDealSeals supplies Rubber Seals and O-rings in more than 500 different rubber compounds. Our materials are well refined and contain high chemical and temperature resistance properties. The 500 different compounds are subdivided into the following materials:

  1. NBR (Buna N, Perbunan®)
  2. CR (Baypren®, Neoprene®)
  3. EPDM/EPM (Buna EP®, Keltan®, Nordel®, Vistalon®)
  4. FKM/FPM (Viton®, Dyneon®, Tecnoflon®, DAI-EL®)
  5. FVMQ (FE®, Silastic LS®)
  6. HNBR (Therban®, Zetpol®)
  7. FFKM (Fluorezi®, Kalrez®, Isolast®, Ultra®, Simriz®)
  8. PU/AU (Adiprene®, Texin®)
  9. SBR (Buna S)
  10. TPC-ET (Hytrel®)
  11. VMQ (Siliastic®, Silplus®)

More about our rubber compounds


With more than 25 years experience in the sealing industry our engineering deparment is ready for your sealing challange. Below you can find a small range of our engineering expertises/services.

► Knowlegde of all sealing types
► FEM analysis capabilitys
► 3D design department
► Material laboratory
► Prototype machining equipment
► 3D ”rubber” printing options
► Custom made reverse engineering equipment 





One of our customers had a sealing issue with an existing product. Reason for failure were very small marks on the sealing surface.

2. O-Rings Class A+

Normally an O-Ring will create a block and seals. For this specific application a controlled leakage was mandatory and standard O-Rings failed due to the existing tolerances.

3. Oil Reduction Rod Seal Improvement

One of our customers had a sealing issue with an existing rod seal. Reason for failure was unknown but oil leakage was considered to be too high.

4. One piece Oil Seal Design

During this operation you need at least two people to install the seal. Also leakage can occur and parts can damage each other during installation. For these reasons our client requested us to find a solution.



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