Rod Seals

Rod seals are used in hydraulic applications to seal liquids inside cylinders. Rod seals are mounted externally. They seal the cylinder rod and prevent liquid from leaking out of the cylinder.

NewDealSeals supplies a wide range of hydraulic rod seals as an economic alternative to e.g. AQ Seal®, Bal Seal®, Double Delta®, Flexiseal®, Glyd Ring®, MSE® Seal, Omniseal®, Rimseal®, Stepseal®, VL Seal®, Variseal® and Wynseal®.

Advantages Rod Seal

  1. Minimal break-out and dynamic slide friction. Therefore no stick-slip. Steady movement is guaranteed even at low velocities.
  2. Low wear.
  3. High extrusion resistance.
  4. High temperature resistance.
  5. Compatibility with nearly all media due to the high chemical resistance of the rod sealing ring, and a wide selection of O-ring compounds.
  6. Available in diameters up to 1500 mm.

Technical Specifications

Movement type

Rotary, reciprocating

Working pressure

Standard:≤ 400 bar (≤ 160 bar for profile R3)

In case of reduced extrusion gap (H7/f7) and large cross-sections:≤ 600 bar

Working temperature

Standard:-30 to +108° C

With FKM O-Ring: -25 to +204° C

Surface speed

≤ 4,0 m/s

Standard compounds Rod Seal

NDS-150, PTFE modified. NDS-660, PTFE + 60% bronze

Standard materials O-ring


Profiles Rod Seals


Single acting for hydraulic cylinders

Profile R1 is particularly suitable for rods in control cylinders, servo-assisted equipment, machine tools and quick acting cylinders. An optimal sealing performance is obtained if the sealing set is used in tandem with a double-wiper.

Advantage compared to R2 & R3:
Good back-transport of oil film due to special shape of sealing edge.


Double-acting for hydraulic cylinders

Profile R2 is particularly suitable for rods in control cylinders, servo-assisted equipment, machine tools, quick acting cylinders and in construction machinery.

Advantage compared to R1 & R3:
Capable of sealing dynamic pressure from both sides (bidirectional) at high pressure.


Double-acting for hydraulic cylinders

Profile R3 is appropriate for dynamic applications as an alternative to an O-ring, for situations where sealing performance and friction have to be optimised.

Advantage compared to R1 & R2:
Can be used in existing O-ring grooves.


Color Temperature Application Information
White -190 to +230 °C Chemical Industry, Food Industry High chemical resistance
PTFE +15% glass, +5% molybdenum disulfide
Grey -190 to +290 °C Medium-duty

High chemical resistance, High creep resistance, Electrical properties like virgin PTFE


PTFE +25% carbon
Black -190 to +315 °C Pneumatics Rotary sealing High wear and creep resistance
PTFE +10% carbon fibre
Black -260 to +310 °C Water hydraulics, Seawater, Short strokes with high frequency Very good wear properties
PTFE +15% graphite
Antrachite -190 to +230 °C Low mechanical stress, Soft sealing Surfaces Chemical resistance
PTFE + mineral fibers
Antrachite -200 to +260 °C Medium and heavy mechanical stress, Hydraulic applications Chemical, wear and creep resistance
PTFE +40% bronze
Bronze -156 to +260 °C Medium and heavy mechanical stress, Hydraulic applications

Outstanding wear and creep resistance

PTFE +60% bronze
Bronze -156 to +260 °C Heavy mechanical stress, Hydraulic applications Outstanding wear and creep resistance
PTFE + polyimide
Tan -260 to +310 °C High speed rotating applications Use against soft metals

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Back-up rings are used for static and dynamic applications in connection with O-rings, to prevent extrusion of the O-ring into the diametrical clearance.

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Rotary Seals

Rotary seals are used in applications with oscillating or rotating movements in order to retain liquid lubricants and to prevent the penetration of dirt and water.

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Piston Seals

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