NewDealSeals has several packaging machines at her disposal to offer custom made packaging solutions to our clients. We continuously work on new and improved packaging solutions, so that our customers receive a ready-made product or ready-made set. Our high quality and attractive price-level has caused a significant growth of this department.

Our current standard range includes:

  • Individual Packaging
  • Skin Packaging – Single Item
  • Skin Packaging – Spare Part Set
  • Spare Part Set Box
  • Custom Made Packaging
  • Special Environment Packaging
  • Environmental friendly Packaging



Marking your O-rings comes with a wide variety of benefits. The biggest one is that it allows you to add information to the product. Details such as part name, size and material can now be embedded in the object itself, instead of using an extra label or sticker. But besides that, it also shows that this is an OEM product, reassuring the client that it is an authentic product instead of a counterfeit one.

List of advantages:

– Allows embedment of information
– Distinguished branding (OEM)
– No need for extra labels/stickers
– Reduces impact on environment



Our operators pack thousands of items every single day on our AUTOBAG packaging machines. We can pack your product piece by piece, print needed information directly on the bag to create the look and feel you require. We offer standard single bags in many options, KRAFT-PLA compostable bags, VCI-bags for metal seals and UV-Protection bags for elastomeric materials such as NBR.

Together with your marketing department NewDealSeals can design custom made bags with your logo, information, a barcode and even a hologram sticker.


  1. Your logo
  2. Printed Information (item number, cure date, etc)
  3. Barcode or QR-Code
  4. Label
  5. Hologram sticker



NewDealSeals has a department which is solely dedicated to our skin packaging business. We developed in-house new improved packaging material in different executions. We assemble and skin pack thousands of small and larger sets on a daily basis, from standard items to complex spare part kits by making use of custom designed packaging material. NewDealSeals is extremely focused when it comes to quality, reliability and the look and feel of spare part kits for our customers.


  1. Your own logo/graphic design (black/white or in full color)
  2. Custom labeling (for part identification)



NewDealSeals makes life easier for its customers by offering customer-specific packaging solutions.

1. The Challenge “HITACHI CASE”

Can you make an O-Ring kit which is easy-to-use and contains 350+ high precision O-Rings?
One of our customers had an issue with an existing O-Ring Kit. The previous packaging was not easy to work with for their technicians.


2. The Process

Together with the customer’s marketing department we gathered the required information in order to understand the goal. Based on the provided information we created a new custom O-ring Box. We presented the new design to them and there was no doubt that the new design was a perfect (but also feasible) solution.

We started to manufacture the new packaging within days.


3. The Result

  • A custom made O-Ring Kit for HITACHI
  • A compact and convenient design
  • A satisfied customer!



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