Fluorezi®  FFKM  | O-rings and seals

The world’s most chemical resistant rubber type for O-rings and seals
with high temperature resistance up to 325 ºC

What is Fluorezi® FFKM

Fluorezi® is our FFKM rubber. FFKM or perfluoroelastomers are elastomers that contain higher amounts of fluorine than any other fluorinated elastomer like standard FKM. This unique feature makes FFKM have a near-universal chemical compatibility. O-rings and seals made of FFKM rubber have the highest chemical and heat resistance of all elastomers up to 325 ºC.

When to use Fluorezi® | FFKM

The material price of FFKM is very high in comparison to any other elastomer. Fluorezi® is at it’s best when:

> The costs of seal failure are high
> Downtime costs are high
> Overhaul time needs to be reduced
> Sealing failure results in: environmental emissions or spills, the safety risk of people, or the contamination of products.  


Why use Fluorezi® | The benefits

> Best price guarantee

> High & consistent quality

> Any size & quantity

Production time: 4 weeks

Fluorezi® FFKM material types

40 green

40 series | General purpose

Equivalent to Kalrez® 6375, Isolast® J9440, Simriz® 495, Simriz® 485, Parofluor® V8787-75

FFKM 41 series on hover

41 series | High temperature

Equivalent to Kalrez® 4079 & Kalrez® 1050LF, Isolast® J8325, Parafluor® V8545-75, Perlast® G75TX

FFKM 42 series on hover

42 series | Ultra high temperature

Equivalent to Kalrez® 7075

FFKM 45 series on hover

45 series | Low temperature

Equivalent to Chemraz® 505

FFKM 48 series on hover

48 series | Explosive decompression resistant

Equivalent to Kalrez® 0090

Generic FFKM material information

Performs well in

  • Concentrated alkalis and basis
  • Ketones, esters and ethers
  • Halogens and strong oxidizing media
  • Hydraulic and fuel oils and fuels
  • Organic solvents
  • Hot water and steam
  • CIP and SIP cleaning media Aliphatic and aromatic amines
  • Ethylene oxide and propylene oxide

Does not perform well in

  • Fluorinated refrigerating agents
  • Perfluorolubricants

Typical FFKM Applications

  • Chemical processing
  • Semiconductor and nanotechnology
  • Lacquer, print and coatings
  • The aerospace and aviation industries
  • Marine fuel systems

FFKM Product range

FFKM o-rings


O-rings provide engineers with a high-performance sealing element in a wide range of static and dynamic applications. NewDealSeals offers O-rings according to standards for example:

> AS 568A American standard
> ISO 3601 International standard

NewDealSeals also offers moulded O-rings in non-standard sizes according to customer specifications. Read more about O-ring sizes and dimensioning in our O-ring Handbook:


Specific parts are designed, developed and produced in conjunction with customers to ensure that all requirements
are satisfied. NewDealSeals offers custom-moulded parts in virtually any shape.

The physical characteristics of  perfluoroelastomers require careful design input from engineers at NewDealSeals. NewDealSeals perfluoroelastomer custom-moulded parts are a typical area of proven success in even the most hostile of environments.

Fluorezi® types overview| FFKM materials

Key features Temperature range Price level
40 Series General purpose
Good chemical resistance
Mimimum -10 °C(Continious)/-15 °C(short)
Maximum +240 °C(Continious) /+250 °C(short)
41 Series High thermal resistance Mimimum -10 °C(Continious)/-15 °C(short)
Maximum +320 °C(Continious)/+330 °C(short)
42 Series Very high thermal resistance Mimimum -10 °C(Continious)/-15 °C(short)
Maximum +330 °C(Continious)/+340 °C(short)
43 Series Best chemical resistance Mimimum -10 °C(Continious)/-15 °C(short)
Maximum +240 °C(Continious)/+250 °C(short)
45 Series Great low temperature resistance Mimimum -40 °C(Continious)/-45 °C(short)
Maximum +240 °C(Continious)/+250 °C(short)
48 Series Explosive decompression resistant Mimimum -10 °C(Continious)/-15 °C(short)
Maximum +240 °C(Continious)/+250 °C(short)

FFKM material interchange table

 Kalrez ® Isolast® Simriz® Chemraz® Parafluor® Perlast®
40 Series 6375 J9440 495
V8787-75 G70A/G75M
41 Series 4079
J8325 V8545-75 G75TX
42 Series 7075
43 Series J9503
45 Series 505-
48 Series 0090

Certifications & compliances

Newdealseals offers a wide range of products & materials that are certified and/or in compliance with industry specific standards. Examples of certifications and compliances:

FDA CFR 21.177.2600 (A-D) Dry foods
FDA CFR 21.177.2600 (A-F) Fatty foods
EC 1935/2004 compliance
EC 2023/2006 compliance
BFR Class XV

USP class VI
ISO 10993
NSF 61 section 6

Oil & Gas
Norsok M710

Drinking water


Gas appliances
DIN EN 549

Alternatives for FFKM, Fluorezi® O-Rings & Seals

Do you want improved low temperature properties?

Are you looking for a more economical alternative?

VMQ, Silicone O-Rings

Temperature range (-54 to 232 °C). Very suitable for mineral oils. Good flexibility, low compression set, ozone and UV-resistant.

VMQ, Silicone ►

FKM, Viton® O-Rings

Temperature range (-25 to 204 °C). Very good resistance to chemicals, oils, ozone and UV. Suitable for static and light dynamic applications.

FKM, Viton®►



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