The primary objective of the ISO 9001 is to ensure that our products and/or service meet the needs of our customers and other stakeholders.



The roll-out of the ISO 9001 quality management system continued in 2023 year under review. We’re now looking at the ISO 14001-compliant system to reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities. NewDealSeals established the relevant management systems.


NewDealSeals believes environmental protection is an important responsibility and makes sure the company’s activity is as environmentally friendly as possible. The goal is to continuously reduce the negative impact along the entire value chain, by using resources more efficiently, reducing emissions, saving energy, water and other materials while improving transport processes.

NewDealSeals uses many raw materials and processes in production. The materials and processes vary in their impact on occupational safety and the environment. NewDealSeals has many ways to limit these risks. The goal is to continuously reduce the physical hazards on site and their impact on the environment.

NewDealSeals actively searches for alternatives to hazardous materials or those with a pending REACH (European Regulation on Registration, Evaluation and Restriction of Chemicals) classification prior to the passage of any regulations. Assessments are carried out to prevent any negative impact on production from restrictions placed on a material. Many products are developed in phased processes to make sure a new product’s environmental impact is less than its predecessor.


As a family company, we are devoted to our employees’ well-being and personal development. We reject all forms of discrimination and harassment and show understanding and respect in our dealings with each other. We promote a multi-cultural environment where employees work together in worldwide teams to enrich our culture and capability. We believe in the value of enduring relationships with customers, suppliers and industrial partners.





The NewDealSeals company upholds a social commitment to all its employees. In this regard, it is impossible to define a uniform standard. The way this commitment is applied depends rather on the laws, practices, needs and opportunities in each respective country. Discrimination and exploitation of vulnerable people is explicitly prohibited anywhere in the company.


Our company and its family shareholders together are committed to protecting the environment and being responsible corporate citizens in all countries and communities in which we do business. We take all possible care to ensure the safety of the workplace and of our products. As a family company, we strive for the highest standards of personal behavior. Fairness and integrity guide our conduct amongst ourselves, towards our business partners and the general public.



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