We’re thrilled to share that the NewDealSeals family recently had an exciting and educational outing at the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam. As a company deeply rooted in the Marine Engines sector, this visit wasn’t just a day off; it was a chance to delve into the very history and culture that shape our industry.


Picture this: A group of curious minds wandering through halls filled with maritime artifacts, intricate ship models, and engaging exhibitions. From learning about the Golden Age of Dutch seafaring to modern shipping technologies, the day was a rich tapestry of information and inspiration. It was a unique blend of the past meeting the present, with a sprinkle of fun!

Why the National Maritime Museum, you may ask? The museum not only serves as a treasure trove of nautical history but also allows us to better appreciate the marine environment we engage with daily. And let’s not forget, team building was at its best! Conversations flowed naturally as we moved from one exhibit to another, strengthening bonds and shared understanding.

We believe this experience has further solidified our commitment to offering unparalleled quality in marine sealing solutions. Understanding the past helps us navigate the future, ensuring we continue to meet and exceed your expectations.