Fluorezi® 42 series | FFKM Material

Ultra high temperature resistant

Equivalent to Kalrez® 7075

Fluorezi® 42 series | FFKM material data


Equivalent to Kalrez® 7075

Typical Physical Properties Method 4275B
Hardness (Shore A) ASTM D2240 75
Color Black
Compression set (% 70hr @ 200 °C)  ASTM 395B 12.7
Maximum Continuous Service Temperature (°C) 330
Maximum Service Temperature (°C) – short term 340

The 42 Series is a technically advanced high temperature perfluoroelastomer. It is designed to meet the challenges of higher temperature applications. Its fully fluorinated back bone structure provides a very broad chemical and thermal stability. The 42 Series has an improved thermal resistance in comparrison to the 41 Series. The 42 series is not suitable for high temperature steam and water.

The 4275B compound is very suitable for use in a large number of different semiconductor process environments. Examples include rapid thermal processing, dry etch, wet etch and wet clean. It is also an excellent product for chemical sealing applications. It exhibits low weight loss in reactive plasmas and has a high tolerance to temperature fluctuations.

NDS 42 FFKM properties

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