PTFE Seals

NewDealSeals has been advising companies on the use of PTFE, drawing on the extensive knowledge gained from different industries. In spite of its remarkable properties, virgin PTFE (unmixed PTFE) has limited use for applications where high mechanical loading is required.

Furthermore PTFE is not elastic as rubber compounds. For this reason, PTFE seals are provided with a slight amount of tension in relation to the installation diameter. Reliable contact force is guaranteed by an elastomer-expander shaped as an O-ring or rectangular ring or a stainless spring. On this page the most common PTFE Seals are briefly described.

PTFE Products

Spring Energized Seals

The Synering® system is an advanced sealing concept designed to meet extreme demands regarding temperature, medium, etc. which cannot be covered by conventional sealing compounds.

Spring Energized Seals ► 

Piston Seals

The Piston Seal consists of a single-acting PTFE piston sealing ring and an O-ring. They are combined as a single unit and are appropriate for single- acting pistons in hydraulic cylinders.

Piston seals ►

Wiper Seals | Scraper Seals

Wiper seals function to prevent dust, dirt, grains of sand and metal dwarf from penetrating into axially moving rods and plungers.

Wiper seals ►

Rod Seals

The Rod Seal consists of a single-acting PTFE rod sealing ring and an O-ring. They are combined as a single unit and are appropriate for rods and plungers in hydraulic cylinders.

Rod seals ►

Guide Rings | Wear Rings

The guide ring or wear ring guides a hydraulic cylinder piston and rod and absorbs lateral forces. Metal to metal contact between the moving parts of the cylinder.

Guide rings ►

Rotary Seals

Rotary seals are used in applications with oscillating or rotating movements in order to retain liquid lubricants and to prevent the penetration of dirt and water.

Rotary seals ►

Back-up Rings

Back-up rings are used for static and dynamic applications in connection with O-rings, to prevent extrusion of the O-ring into the diametrical clearance.

Back-up Rings ►

Our Range of PTFE Materials

Relevant PTFE Materials

The PTFE compounds are available standard as 100% PTFE (Virgin), but can also be filled with various percentages of glass, molybdenum disulphide, polymers, carbon, carbon fibre, graphite and/or bronze. NewDealSeals supplies PTFE seals in accordance with various standards (ISO 3601) and with various approvals (KTW, USP, NSF 51 61, WRC, WRAS, FDA, R67 01). Available in more than 50 different compounds, subdivided into the following materials:

  1. PTFE (Teflon®, Turcon®)
  2. PCTFE (Kel-F®, Neoflon®)
  4. PA6 (Nylon®)
  5. POM
  6. PE
  7. PET

More about our PTFE Compounds


With more than 25 years experiance in the sealing industry our engineering deparment is ready for your sealing challange. Below you can find a small range of our engineering expertises/services.

► Knowlegde of all sealing types
► FEM analysis capabilitys
► 3D design department
► Material laboratory
► Prototype machining equipment
► 3D ”rubber” printing options
► Custom made reverse engineering equipment 





One of our customers had a sealing issue with an existing product. Reason for failure were very small marks on the sealing surface.

2. O-Rings Class A+

Normally an O-Ring will create a block and seals. For this specific application a controlled leakage was mandatory and standard O-Rings failed due to the existing tolerances.

3. Oil Reduction Rod Seal Improvement

One of our customers had a sealing issue with an existing rod seal. Reason for failure was unknown but oil leakage was considered to be too high.

4. One piece Oil Seal Design

During this operation you need at least two people to install the seal. Also leakage can occur and parts can damage each other during installation. For these reasons our client requested us to find a solution.



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